I went to see Casey after 2 years of dealing with chronic constipation. A friend recommended hydrocolon cleansing to me and I am forever grateful. Casey was very easygoing, friendly, and helpful from the moment I went in. After the session, she gave me dietary and other tips to help improve my bowel function. I visited her 3 times in total and will need to have a few more sessions in the future but I have to say that I have not been this healthy and regular since my problems began years ago. I think the work she does is wonderful and would recommend her to anyone experiencing similar problems to me.

Emily, Ukiah

I've wanted to write to let you know how grateful I am for your help and support in my healing.  I came for my first treatment thinking it would be a spring cleaning, which it was and so much more.  I became aware of candida overgrowth and changed my diet a lot and read the book Casey gave me and with the supplements and a series of colonics I am feeling so great - incredible, steady; even tempered; happy.  This has eliminated my sweet cravings and this alone is empowering.  I would encourage anyone with a desire to feel better, to allow Casey to share her healing gift.

Many Blessings,

M.G., Laytonville

Thank you Casey for the care and professionalism you have shown me. When I came to you I had pretty infrequent eliminations and felt generally ill. Through your ideas and books, i.e. about using a slant board, increasing my exercise and trying a few yoga postures, making some dietary changes, supplementing with probiotics and doing a series of colonics with you I am feeling markedly better. I really like the green smoothie recipes with the nut recipe.  It really helps me feel pretty regular.  I feel I am on a good path now and know I have the power to feel better through my own choices of diet and lifestyle.

Thank you again!

A.E., Ukiah

I wasn't looking forward to my colonoscopy because of the prep. Then a friend told me about colon hydrotherapy with Casey. Casey suggested three sessions in a row, one on the morning of the colonoscopy. The sessions were amazing, I felt refreshed and ready; no miserable days of swallowing horrible green liquid. My colonoscopy was a success, and I'm planning on a yearly hydro session with Casey. I wholeheartedly endorse doing colon hydrotherapy with Casey before a colonoscopy, but be prepared to tell a little white lie to the nurses. When they follow-up later, let them in on it!

C.J., Ukiah

Casey I  saw you about a month ago for a colonic and I just wanted to saw that, wow you like changed my digestive system. It has not been this great in four years. I’ve been going regularly every morning and I’m so pleased.