Preparation For Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

Start this preparation 1-3 (more if you can) days before your 1st session.
Do this homework diligently before your Colonics. Colonics are a partnership. You must PREP. I cannot will poop from your colon. It is not a poop sucking machine. It is a gentle infusion of water and my divinely led skill set along with your committed preparation that will make your session the bomb diggity bomb or one of the most uncomfortable experiences you never want to have. I cannot stress this enough. I need you and I to work together to get you magnificent results. I am an ex-school teacher. I have gold stars for those that take the committed steps to success:

Option #1- For the very committed: Juicing

Fresh juices (taken within 15 minutes after they are juiced if possible) are a great way to cleanse and prepare for your colonics..If you have to pack your juices for later in the day...please do so. Be diligent with your food’s important to take in fresh juices only. The idea is to have fresh, live fuel for your body. Drink plenty of them, we don't want you to ever be hungry! Avoid pre-made/bottled juices from the store or other sources, if possible, they do not provide the healing force of fresh juices. A mixture of Cucumber, Celery & Ginger should be the base of your juices. Additional veggies can include carrots, beets (except the day before and during the days of your colonics sessions), Granny Smith Apples, lemons, limes, zucchini, cilantro, parsley and pretty much any other veggie you like. Veggie Broth can also be taken during your cleansing time. Be sure that these are strained so that you are not taking in too much bulk. The idea is to utilize as much of your bodies resources toward the cleansing process as possible. It takes a lot of energy to cleanse. To be sure you are getting enough protein to stay strong, you may want to drink some freshly made or store bought Almond or Rice Milk. Wheatgrass is another great source of protein. Be sure to drink plenty of high quality water. (Your weight divided by 2 = the bare minimum oz's of water you should intake during a day.)

Option #2 The next best thing: Green Smoothies

Try green smoothies...same live food as the juices above, except that they are blended with water added to lighten them up for drinking. Perhaps you could do some juices along with your veggie smoothies? Perhaps you might need to eat a combination of well chewed solid food, broth, smoothies and juices? Do what you can and know that the more you prepare, the better your results will be.

Option #3 Eliminate all alcohol, coffee, sugar, flour products, red meat, pork, cold drinks, processed foods and dairy products from your diet at least 2-3 days before your session(s). Eat Organic Foods.


For those of us that are older this is the best option.Remember just because you are not juice or smoothie fasting, you can add in them into your diet. One Degree of change will put you at an entirely different airport. Dairy includes products like milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice creams, etc.... use almond, rice, oat milk products instead. No Soy! In my experience soy creates a lot of gas and can be extremely uncomfortable during a colonic. Flour products includes not only crackers, bread, muffins, cakes, pasta, etc, but also gluten free flour products. Stop drinking anything cold (iced), including soft drinks, iced teas and cold water. This shocks the digestive system and makes it work harder. Drink only filtered water. Tap water is full of harmful chemicals and is thought to be one of the reasons for many of our health problems. I know it sounds like a lot, but drinking one gallon of water daily (during your cleanse) will rehydrate your body and make your colonics more effective. Drink 2 quarts by 2 pm and 2 quarts after 2 pm. Your digestive system will be able to work so much better if you wait 45-60 minutes to eat after drinking water/fluids, and wait 90-120 minutes after eating before you drink water/fluids. (If you take supplements, drink just enough to get them down...) The minimum amount of water a person should be drinking on a daily basis, whether they are cleansing or not is half your body weight in ounces. So... if you weigh 150 lbs, you should drink at least 75oz. of water per day. Stop substances like alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks and nicotine as they are all neuro-toxins. They damage the nervous system and organs.It’s best to stop these during your cleanse. Drink green tea,or similar tea instead of coffee during your cleanse to reduce the effects of caffeine headaches and withdrawal.
Fruits:(Providing they look good and depending on the season) Watermelon is a humectant, which assists in breaking up plaque and blockages in the small and large intestines. This assists your body by rehydrating deep inside, and breaking up what the water alone cannot reach. But, if you suffer from extreme Candida you should avoid fruits. However Green Apples, pomegranates, avocados, cranberries and black currants are good choices for those with Candida... lemons and limes are great with anything.Because fruit digests much faster than other food, it should only be eaten on a totally empty stomach. Fruit, local, tree ripened and fresh, is a great snack food when you are hungry. Fruit will need to move thru the system unobstructed by other meals to prevent fermentation. Remember the rule, ‘Eat it alone, or leave it alone.’
If you do not suffer from extreme Candida, Papaya and Avocado, are both laxative foods and are good to eat during your cleanse. Some people are not able to mix more than one type of fruit at a time.


Eat a Large Raw Green Salad:Increase your consumption of dark leafy greens, like raw spinach, parsley, romaine, Swiss chard, and any other raw vegetables. Try to remember the ‘rainbow’ rule. The more colors you are able to eat, the more nutrients your body will have access to. They are full of magnesium,chlorophyll,and other essential nutrients.They have a natural laxative effect on the bowel. Choose your dressings carefully,read the ingredients to be sure you are not eating anything that will be difficult to process, slowing the effects of your colonic. Try making your own dressing by using, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Udo’s Oil, sesame oil, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and cayenne, parsley, dill seed, mustard, & spike. Design your own dressing using like ingredients. Fresh lemon is great on your salads. Pumpkin seed oil is awesome. If you suffer from IBS...raw may not be your best approach, at least for a while. We can talk about options if you give me a call. For those without extreme Candida a fresh beet (but not during your colonic sessions...the red color makes it hard to see what comes out of the body), chopped and steamed is a good idea twice each day to break up the hard impactions before your first colonic. Eat the beet with your salad. The dye from the cooked beet assists in breaking up the thick mucus ingrained in impactions. The red you see coming out is from the beet dye. Lots of chewed roughage insures success. Chew well.
Snacks/other meals: The more fresh veggies/fruits, the better your results will be. It’s good to eat 5-6 small meals/snacks per day.
Please do not let yourself get hungry!!! Your body is counting on you to provide the fuel it needs to do its work, especially when you are cleaning. Try simmering whole soaked grains like amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, basmati brown rise or kamut for a nice hot breakfast or as an addition to your veggies at lunch or dinner. These soaked grains are best eaten with veggies, not fruits and Amaranth, millet and quinoa are safe for those who are gluten intolerant. :)
Exercise:Walking, biking or running for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. This loosens and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Exercise is the only pump for the lymph system, which are working hard to get rid of your toxins.
Tips: During the winter it is best to have more cooked veggies, sauté your veggies or make a soup. Please use the grains listed above to be sure you are getting enough protein.    Try blended soups too! Once you are finished with your sessions, try to stick to 4-6 light meals a day. This will give you body the ability to digest properly between meals, and will give you the energy you need. Be sure to keep food combining in mind when you prepare your meals. It is important to eat protein and carbohydrates in different meals. 80% of your plate should be plant based...raw and cook veggies, the other 20% should be either protein OR a carb...
1-2 hours (this depends on how quickly your food will digest) before your colonic: Be sure that you have eaten enough to fuel your body at least 1-2 hours before your sessions. We want the digestive process to be well under way before we begin your session. Minimize your water intake prior to your session to keep the bladder from getting too full while we are in session.
To optimize your colonic, I suggest reducing stress as much as is possible before and after your sessions. Keeping on target with these suggestions will insure the best results.
Microwaves: The use of microwaves is a controversial topic in America, but one I believe needs to be addressed when we discuss matters of health. According to many, microwaves will not only destroy the value of your food but can turn your food/water into a toxic substance. Is it worth the risk? Please go to this link to find out more.

*The following suggestions can also be implemented on a daily long-term basis
to help keep the body clean:

  • Fresh Lemon Juice 1st thing in the morning, followed by or added to a large glass of water.... (rinse your mouth afterwards to protect your teeth.)

  • Cranberry Juice (unsweetened, organic of course). You can implement this however you like. I like to add it to my green drink in the morning. Pomegranate/Cranberry Juice, fresh lemon juice, stevia and mineral water (Pellegrino is a good one) are a great way to get your juices and they taste great!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 1 Tsp.-TBSP with 8-24 oz. water ...(rinse your mouth afterwards to protect your teeth.) Use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar or the equivalent.

Good detox teas are:Traditional Medicinals Every Day Detox Tea for the liver and/or Yogi Tea DeTox for the liver and kidneys. Chamomile Tea helps to dissolve gallstones. Licorice Tea is great for the digestive tract. Oxypowder 1-3 @ bedtime with 8-16 oz. water – This will keep the Colon Open.

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