Before a Session:

The days before the appointment eat as many water

content foods as possible, examples: raw and cooked

green leafy vegetables, raw vegetable drinks and

whole grains. This will start hydrating the colon to ease

your experience. I make these recommendations on

personal and professional experience. This will make

your colonic and your comfort successful, but hey if

you like to be tortured skip this part.

Try to cut down on all processed foods, examples:

white flour products, cheese, dried foods, greasy foods

and sugar. These foods have a tendency to dehydrate

the colon and can make the experience more

challenging. Again if you're into discomfort skip this

part too.

Avoid eating 2 hours before the colon hydrotherapy

appointment. It is rather uncomfortable to have a full

belly and unfair to your body to pull away essential

digestive power away from the digestive system. If

you must eat, eat very lightly or have a smoothie with

a protein powder or other good fats in it.

Avoid drinking liquids 1 hour before. It can make your

bladder full during the colon hydrotherapy session. I can take you off the equipment, but it's just less time on the equipment.

Avoid all diuretic foods one day prior to your appointment, including; coffee, tea or soda. These can dehydrate and also make the bladder full. Dehydration will make your colonic less successful. Survival always wins and the Portland veins in the colon will just drink that water up and not help us hydrate your colon and remove the waste we are in there to remove. Again I make these recommendations based on over a decade of experience. I want you to be successful, but if you do not take the necessary preparations I cannot will poop from your colon. The body always wins.


After a Session:

It is best to eat light foods that are easy on the digestive system, example; steamed vegetables, soup and light protein (fish, chicken, tofu…), avoiding nuts, salads and icy foods and drinks, since the colon just exercised. These are suggestions. If you are going out to eat that day or evening make your best attempt to eat healthily.

An epsom salt bath in the evening can help pull out any toxins that may have been stirred up during your colonic. It will also help the lymphatic system as well.

Drink more water to continue hydrating, not with your meals though, otherwise you are diluting the digestive juices to digest your food properly.

Adding 1 tbsp. of chlorophyll or ¼ tsp. pink salt to your water will help absorption.

Adding 2 tbsp. of lemon or 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar in your water can help alkalinize.

Days following the session should be filled with vegetables (raw and steamed), soup, fruits, whole grains and pure water (not tap). Salads and raw foods have great enzymes and fiber.

For better health, avoid anything processed, bottled or canned; sugar, pasteurized dairy and all whites/starches (sugar, flour, rice).