Thriving In a Post-Pandemic World

Phew! That's a big one. Is it just me or does the world seem to be going sideways in more than one way?

In order to not only survive, but thrive we have some serious work to do. One of my favorites to thrive and be well during this time is to practice HeartMath Techniques. Say what?

HeartMath heart-focused breathing, as a first step. When I first started I would put my finger tips on where I sensed my heart, breathing in and out through that area. There are other techniques that add onto the heart-focused breathing to bring our bodies into coherence. Co what? And why?

Coherence is when the heart and the physiological body are in sync with each other. The heart itself has an (EMF) electromagnetic field, sixty times larger than the EMF of the brain. Wow! The heart communicates via up to the area of the amygdala, an area that helps regulate emotion and encode memories. By focusing on the heart we can bring our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies into balance.

Feelings are not categorized as positive or negative, but as renewing or depleting. HeartMath can help us self-regulate our world around us and attract others with the same vibration we are giving out.

I hope will try out this free experience from HeartMath and that you can well be on your way to thriving in a Post-Pandemic World.

Be well, Casey

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